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Webinar introduces the Value Proposition of Lean Six Sigma on HBCU Campuses

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

On July 18, 2018, CMA's leadership introduced its Lean Six Sigma Academy to the Historically Black College and University Community. Since 2016, HBCU Alumni Gail Birks Williams and CMA President, has been working with Bethune Cookman University's CEED Center offering Lean Six Sigma (all levels), Project Management Preparatory Workshops, and Entrepreneurship Classes to its Students and Faculty as well as the local business community. And she wanted to expose the rest of the network to the Value Proposition being enjoyed by BCU and now Tennessee State University.

The webinar shared with the group What Lean Six Sigma is and the methodology surrounding it. Ms. Birks shared the benefits of the value proposition.

Benefits to the HBCUs...

-Corporate and Area Businesses begin to recognize the benefit of hiring your graduates and interns

-Diversification of revenue streams for the university

-Creates "Curb Appeal" for the existing and potential students

-Business and industry will begin to provide financial support and positioning for your students

-Students will sharpen their COMPETITIVE EDGE in the marketplace

-Students engage in the programs because it is interactive

Let's talk out loud real soon!!!. For more information, contact Gail Birks Williams at 954-476-3525. or visit CMA upcoming events at

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