Lean Six Sigma Project Coaching and Training

Lean Project Coaching

Our CMA  team of experts carefully guide you through the DMAIC Stations as you customize your Business Toolbox for streamlining your Processes and/or Performance Output at all levels.    Whether it is a small event (Kaizen) or an enterprise wide initiative, you can be assured that the CMA Team is by your side from start to finish.  

We also provide on-going technical assistance on an as needed basis once the initial engagements are completed.  We are standing by to assist you in creating your sustainable Success Models

Kaizen Excursions

The Workplace Kaizen Excursions focuses on the process of observing and understanding the current workplace conditions from an administrative view.  It employs Lean Improvement tools and Subject Matter Expert teams that design the blueprint for  Lean Workplace Sustainability.  The excursion options are as follows...

•A3 Kaizens  Project Coaching- 4-6 months (9 sessions)

                       Kaizen Tools Training only - up to 2 day session

•8D Kaizens Project Coaching – 6-8 months (10 Sessions)

                       Kaizen Tools Training only  -  up to 3 day session 

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Lean Certification Training
(HRCI Credits available)

We offer a unique remedy to Certification Training that provides our clients with the ease of understanding the concepts and methodologies introduced in Lean at all levels.  By simplifying our universe, we have been able to help you improve yours with accelerated sustainable results.  Your ROI is immediate because  we provide you with the support you need to be successful in your Lean Journey. 


Our training platforms are classroom, online, blended and we even have a concierge service for executives who aspire to go on this journey but don’t have the time to sit in a class..  We guide you through your “wilderness” with techniques that include but are not limited to…

  • We separated Lean Six Sigma by experience levels which ensures that you are able to walk before you run.

  • Our Curriculum is written in "everyday" business language with easy to use software that accelerates your LEANING INITIATIVE.

  • Our Excursions are referred to as a CONTINUUM OF LEARNING.  We provide the training and exam to ensure that you are tested only on the content that we introduced in the classroom.

  • All Certification Programs include a Project Simulation Case study which ensures that you are able to complete the requirements of an approved project to fulfill the requirements for each belt.

  • CMA instructors are Certified Lean Professionals and approved trainers of our content

  • Our Lean Curriculums all contain customized tools to use in your day to day responsibilities

  • All curriculums for certification as well as our ancillary programs are designed in accordance to the published industry Body of Knowledge

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Lean Certification Programs - "Pay as You Go" Program

Get Certified... One Module at a time.