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Lean Six Sigma Academy

Our CMA  team of experts carefully guide you through  a customized Business Toolbox for streamlining your Processes and/or Enhancing Performance Output at all levels.    Whether it is a small event (Kaizen) or an enterprise wide initiative, you can be assured that the CMA Team is by your side from start to finish.  

Our offerings are as diverse as the Lean Experience we facilitate.  The CMA Lean Six Sigma Academy Offerings are summarized for your convenience.

New Arrivals!!!
Enterprise/Community Lean Project Coaching

Organization and Community Kaizen Excursions focus on observing and understanding of the current  conditions. This CMA Offering employs Lean Improvement tools and with your Subject Matter Expert (SME) teams we help you design the blueprint for  Lean Sustainability and ongoing Success.  The excursion options are as follows...

A3 Basic Kaizens :   (PDCA)  Project Coaching- up to 6 months

                                   Group Kaizen Tools Training only - up to  3 day session

                                   Register for Self-Directed Online Training Experience


8D Kaizen Risk Excursion: (FMEA) Project Coaching –  up to 8 months 

                       Kaizen Tools Training only  -  up to 5 day session 

                       Register for Independent Online Training Experience

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Lean Certification Training(Continuing ED Credits available)

Veterans Administration

We offer a unique remedy to Certification Training that provides our clients with the ease of understanding the concepts and methodologies introduced in Lean at all levels.  By simplifying our universe, we have been able to help you improve yours with accelerated sustainable results.  CMA Teams also engage you where you are to "EXPLORE THE OBVIOUS."  CMA instructors are Certified Lean Professionals and approved trainers of our content

Our Excursions are referred to as a CONTINUUM OF LEARNING. because we provide the training, project coaching and exam to ensure that you are tested only on the content that we introduced in the classroom.  Also, we want to ensure that you are using the tools and methodology introduced. 


All courses have a customized "TOOLBOX."  Additionally, CMA uses QiMacros tm  as its Statistical and Project Software to compliment the Course materials.  Each course also contains a comprehensive Case Study that makes your experience "REAL."  You also have the option of using our own internal case studies for improvement.

Our content has been carefully designed in alignment with the published Body of Knowledge published by ASQ tm.   and independently reviewed by a third party provider to ensure quality and compliance with industry standards. 


CMA  training platforms are classroom, online/live virtual, blended learning.  We guide you through your “wilderness” with  the following traditional certification course offerings...

Ancillary Lean Courses include...


Tulane University

Lean Fee Structure

At CMA, we want to provide you with enough insight to decide to make us your "tour guides" in Process Improvement.  The schedule below provides you with our fee structure.  The features for each includes the following...

  • Inclusive Rate  -  Course, Project Coaching (if applicable), Certificate Exam, Global Certification

  • Course Only  -  Course, Certificate of Completion 

  • Project Hourly Rates ... per hour, per consultant.

  • Project Coaching  -  Upon Request and applies to Course only client

    • Project Belt Level Toolbox,

    • Project Guidance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   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Online / Self-Directed Learning Solutions

We recognize your time and budget constraints. By partnering with our affiliate, The BREAKTHRU INSTITUTE, our Lean Programs offer a flexible approach to learning. Explore modules at your own pace as your budget and time allows. 


Participants have up to 1 year to complete your journey.  And making it affordable and convenient is our priority.  . Enjoy scheduling live support and access to all of the program benefits.

"Click to Start"

Lean Certification Programs - "Pay as You Go" Program

Get Certified... One Module at a time.

*Prices are subject to change.
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