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Lean Six Sigma Academy

Our CMA  team of experts carefully guide you through  a customized Business Toolbox for streamlining your Processes and/or Enhancing Performance Output at all levels.    


The CMA Lean Six Sigma Academy Offerings are summarized for your convenience.


CMA instructors are Certified Lean Professionals and approved trainers of our content. Our Excursions are referred to as a CONTINUUM OF LEARNING providing you with all of the "pieces to the certification puzzle."  Our content has been carefully designed and is in alignment with the Industry published Body of Knowledge. and independently reviewed.


CMA Certification Packages include the following...

  • Full Certification Package-  Certification Course, Belt Level Toolbox, Project Coaching (if applicable), Certificate Exam, Global Certification, HRCI/SHRM Continuing Education Credits where applicable, Software (if applicable), Reference Materials/Library, if applicable).

  • Course Only  -  Body of Knowledge Course Content, Participant Guide, Certificate of Completion.  Certification Exams must be requested by Candidate/Sponsor and are a separate cost

  • Project Coaching  -  Upon Request

    • Project Belt Level Toolbox,

    • Project Guidance Sessions                               

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Enterprise/Community Lean Transformation Project Coaching
New Arrivals!!!

A3 Basic Kaizens :   (PDCA)  Project Coaching- up to 6 months

                                   Kaizen Tools Training only - up to  3 day session

                                   Register for Self-Directed Online Training Experience


8D Kaizen Risk Excursion: (FMEA) Project Coaching –  up to 8 months 

                       Kaizen Tools Training only  -  up to 5 day session 

                       Register for Independent Online Training Experience

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Lean Courses - Content Only

Sometimes the "Full Expedition" does not fit your goals.  But you still want to understand the approaches and methodology of lean.  These courses are for Candidates who choose to become acquainted with the theory and methodology of Lean Six Sigma.  You will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION at the end of your lean journey.  

No Exam

Proof of course completion 

is required for Lean Certificate

No Exam

*For Full Certification a project as well as the exam is required but not mandatory for this product offering.

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All-Inclusive Lean Certification Training (Continuing ED Credits available)



CMA all-inclusive certification packages are available in scheduled classroom, online/live virtual, self-directed and blended learning formats.  Included in these


Ancillary Lean Courses include...


QI-Macros-Advocate (1).png

Statistical Software

Online / Self-Directed Learning Solutions

We recognize your time and budget constraints. By partnering with our affiliate, The BREAKTHRU INSTITUTE, our Lean Programs offer a flexible approach to learning. Explore modules at your own pace as your budget and time allow. 


Participants have up to 1 year to complete the "Pay As You Go" journey.  And making it affordable and convenient is our priority.  Enjoy scheduling live support and access to all of the program benefits is also an integral part of this expedition.

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Lean Certification Programs - "Pay as You Go" Program

Get Certified... One Module at a time.

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