Diversity and Inclusion Academy

This training excursion is available through our Affiliate, The Breakthru Institute, 



This Breakthru Academy is essential to the culture of the workplace in which we exist.  We have created a forum for you to  have a dialogue on our unconscious biases.


While we understand that these are conversations that are not necessarily easy to have, we also know that it will not go away. Our trainers have walked in your shoes and are experienced in massaging the issues so that proactive solutions and common ground can be discovered.  We help you to "find the obvious."


Our D & I training series includes...

 *Diversity &Inclusion

 *LGBTQIA dialogue

 *Generational Workplaces

 *Unconscious Biases

 *Awareness and Sensitivity

 *Race and Cultural relations 

 *Supplier Diversity

Highlights from D&I Webinar...


Finding Our Voice - Women in Leadership

Our Founder, Gail Birks personally designed this series from her experiences and as a Woman of Color climbing the corporate and entrepreneurship ladder as well as those of others encountered on her development path.  Specifically, the lessons learned along the way helped her to manage through the jungle called business and industry.  Most important to Women striving to achieve sustainable success in their organizations making sure that you understand ...

  • The "Whys" of Professional Growth (or not)

  • Creating Alliances of Team 

  • The way men and women process

  • Alpha Male and Alpha Female

  • "Queen Bee" Syndrome

  • Good ole Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Holding onto your "Power"

  • Knowing your Value Proposition

  • The value of speaking "Martian" and "Venusian"

  • Knowing how to roll up your sleeves

  • Embracing that the Legions of "US" can bring positive impact... Personally and Professionally 

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