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CMA Content Licensing Programs

CMA Product Licensing Program ... because we do understand the time and resource commitment it takes to develop programs for your workforce.  Especially when you are busy being busy.  CMA is here as your Curriculum Development Partner. 

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This license outlines the terms of use for the individual user.  And is for personal professional development  use only.  

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Our Platinum Label Program is for organizations that want to "personalize" the content for their use.  CMA retains ownership of the content but you are able to "rent" our content for the timeframe needed.  Private Labeled Content is a per topic content request.

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

When you want to bring our curriculums entirely in-house, but do not have the people power to design and train the trainers,  then our Black Label Program is what you seek.  It provides you with two (2) tracks to choose from.  Track I - Materials only acquisition.  Track II - Full transformation of Materials, Train the trainer and technical support.  

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