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Master Class 

It took three decades to get to this point.  And we decided that it was time to share our recipes for success with you.  Whether you're an internal trainer/consultant or an independent advisor, we want you to have the RIGHT TOOLS in your TOOLBOX.   "MASTER CLASS "  helps you to build your professional services business case with SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS SOLUTIONS by showing you "how to" build your own brand.  It is a “HOW TO” EXCURSION and shows you the UNWRITTEN RULES OF THE GAME OF CONSULTING AND TRAINING. 


                      Make it Your Business to Know The Business!!!  Your Clients will love you for it.



Master Class 1.0 Series
A Transformationist's Academy

Reserve your seat for the entire Series.  Takeaways include:  Comprehensive workbooks, Personal Assessments, Customized Toolbox, One on one Coaching
Reserve your seat one module at a time.  Takeaways include:  Comprehensive workbooks, Personal Assessments, Customized Toolbox.   Please put the course you are registering for in the special instructions box in your payment form.

Master Class 2.0 Series - Teams
Organization Excellence and Sustainability

The Business Teaming environment has changed and is becoming more fluid and entrepreneurial.  The quest for sustainable success in Business and Industry is a priority regardless of the core specialty.  We help you to RE-ALIGN  your organization's team value proposition  for INCLUSION AND PRACTICALITY by showing you how to build your own strategies for the greater good.  It is a “HOW TO” EXCURSION.


                              Make it Your Business to Know The Business of Performance Excellence!!!













Master Class :  CPI/Executive and Leadership 
"Transformation Oversight"

Leading organization transformation for sustainable success has taken on an entirely different framework.    At CMA, we understand that formula and have created CPI/Executive and Leadership Excursions.  leaders will learn the language of Lean Performance Excellence from an Oversight perspective.  This philosophy integrates itself into your script when coaching for Sustainable Success and Ongoing Transformation in your organization.

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