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If you are committed to building your personal marketability or your organization's commitment to talent development initiatives, then we are the crew for your Development Journey.  The Recurring Subscription Program allows you to design your learning journey and get a variety of mediums to interact with.  

Our Subscribers are Students, Privately and Publicly held Companies, HR Managers and Training Coordinators, Government and Public Sector, and individuals who are deciding their next chapter in their careers.

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Coaching For Sustainable Success 
Curriculum Content Packages
  • $900
    Every month
    To Achieve Excellence... One Must be Committed!!!
    • Three (3) hours of Performance Coaching
    • One (1) 30-minute introductory session
    • Personal Assessment Tools (not included in fee)
  • $197
    Every month
    Create your own "How To" Content Library
    • 30% Savings on Curriculums and Events
    • Available 24/7/365
    • Frequently Uploaded New Content
    • Unlimited access to Curriculum

Session selection is subject to availability and is periodically updated.