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Leadership development


Your leadership are the DRIVERS of the mission in your organization.  So it is important to give these folks the right tools to be successful.  We have two Academies, one for the "newbies" and the second one for the "veterans" who need a refresher.  We also offer an academy for Non-profit boards who want the mainstream tools for governance.  Academy offerings include...

  • Leadership Track I

  • Leadership Track II

  • Lean Champion

  • Lean Business Leader

  • Board Governance and Oversight

  • Peer Today... Leading Tomorrow

  • Voices Found... Women in Leadership

  • CPI Master Class for Leaders

New Leadership Series

"Leaders Guiding Leaders for Sustainable Success"
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This six part Leadership Development Series  is designed to meet leaders at whatever level they are in the organization.  I should also add that the order of the sessions can be moved and/or customized  to suit the priority of the organization and the associated development requirement.

Learn the  language spoken by leaders who have enjoyed SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS and ENGAGEMENT. Modules in the Development Series carry HRCI Credits (Business)


A summary of the sessions are below.

Our Voices Found:  Women in Leadership

Our Founder, Gail Birks personally designed this series from her experiences and as a Woman of Color climbing the corporate to the board room.  And the entrepreneurship safari that continues as well as those of others she encountered on her path to "explore the obvious."  Specifically, the lessons learned along the way helped her to manage through the jungle called business and industry.  Most important, Gail wanted to speak to Women striving to achieve sustainable success in their organizations and making sure that you understand ...

  • The "Whys" of Professional Growth (or not)

  • Creating Alliances of Team 

  • The way men and women process

  • Alpha Male and Alpha Female

  • "Queen Bee" Syndrome

  • Good ole Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Holding onto your "Power"

  • Knowing your Value Proposition

  • The value of speaking "Martian" and "Venusian"

  • Knowing how to roll up your sleeves

  • Embracing that the Legions of "US" can bring positive impact... Personally and Professionally 


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