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CMA specializes in guiding explorations that "REVEAL THE OBVIOUS."


Our associates conduct thorough evaluations of clients' organizations and implement 'Best Practice' process improvement strategies. This approach accelerates results in operating efficiencies, morale, client and employee retention, and profitability.


We recognize the challenges of navigating details independently. Our team is here to provide advisory support, whether it's resolving conflicts, fostering diversity and inclusion, building sustainable success models, optimizing performance, or streamlining operations. CMA is committed to guiding you successfully to the finish line.


We possess versatile skills applicable across industries, catering to employees at all levels. Our team excels in fulfilling your engagement needs through a meticulous process: researching the client's culture, prioritizing end goals, and actively listening. We propel you forward with a customized prescription derived from assessments, surveys, focus groups, outside research, and benchmarking.

Workforce Development

"The Breakthru Institute (TBI), an affiliate  of CMA, acts as the catalyst for unlocking your untapped successes. Our in-house researched and customized curriculum caters to your organization's technical and transformational requirements, providing training for all positions, disciplines, and experience levels."

Leadership Development

Your leadership are the DRIVERS of the mission in your organization.  So it is important to give these folks the right tools to be successful.  We have two Academies, one for the "newbies" and the second one for the "veterans" who need a refresher.  We also offer an academy for Non-profit boards who want the mainstream tools for governance.

CMA Master Class Academy

Embark on a transformative journey with "MASTER CLASS" – a culmination of three decades of wisdom and success in professional services. It's time to open the doors to our vault of knowledge and share the recipes for sustainable success solutions. Whether you're an internal trainer/consultant or an independent advisor, we believe in empowering you with the right tools for your toolbox. "MASTER CLASS" is your "how-to" excursion, unveiling the unwritten rules of the game in consulting and training, helping you build a robust business case and brand. Make it your business to know the business, and watch as your clients applaud your newfound expertise!


We wanted to make sure that the CMA Experience continues after you leave the classroom or the Coaching/Advisory engagement is done.  So, our programs are now available to you 24/7/365 online.  


​You can access courses that have been archived, live webinars, self-directed programs, or blended formats.  

It is our intent to be there for you wherever you are in the world.

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