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CMA focuses on guiding you on excursions that "EXPLORE THE OBVIOUS."

Our associates evaluate a Client's organization from A to Z. Once our due diligence is completed, we facilitate "Best Practice" process improvement strategies that yield accelerated results in the areas of operating efficiencies, morale, client and employee retention and profitability.


We understand that sometimes it is difficult work out the details on your own.  So, our team is available to assist in this advisory capacity.

From Conflict Resolution to Diversity and Inclusion building sustainable success models or performance or leaning your operations, the CMA Team will be there by your side to make sure that you reach the finish line successfully.


Our skills transcend across industry lines and fit any level of employee in an organization.  With that being said, our team is capable of facilitating your engagement requirements.  We first research the client’s culture regardless of our familiarity.  Second, we give great emphasis on understanding the end goals.  Finally, and probably the most important, we listen.  Then we MOVE YOU FORWARD with a customized prescription arrived at through assessments, surveys, focus groups, outside research and benchmarking for example.​

Workforce Development

CMA's affiliate, The Breakthru Institute (TBI) serves as our catalyst igniting your unfound successes.   Our curriculum content is researched and designed in-house and customized to your organization's technical and /or transformation needs.  We train all positions, disciplines and experience levels.


We wanted to make sure that the CMA Experience continues after you leave the classroom or the Coaching/Advisory engagement is done.  So, our programs are now available to you 24/7/365 online.  


​You can access courses that have been archived, live webinars, self-directed programs, or blended formats.  

It is our intent to be there for you wherever you are in the world.