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"Ladies Who Lean"


The pre-recorded Podcasts will air weekly throughout Social Media. But the ladies also shared that listeners should look out for periodic live shows.


Series topics include...

Finance:  The cost of poor quality vs prevention · Customer ROI · Capturing the right mix with leveling

The Digital Strategy: Technology in the mix    "Lean and Finance"

Human Resources:· Artificial Intelligence can create meaningful dialog for performance improvement · Using accountability scorecards for more than process efficiency · The new paradigm for performance evaluations · The inappropriate Team Selection Process Process Owner Support · To Train or Not To Train… That is the Million Dollar Question


Organizational Transformation: · Weighing the Risk of Status Quo · Exploring the Obvious with Maturity Matrix · Managing Expectations with the CTQ Diagram · Managing Controllables · The Quality and Power of X · Push/Pull of old habits: The changing business paradigms · Engaged Management · Structuring Strategic Deployment · Implementation or Organized Chaos · Agile Enterprise

The Legion of Lean: · Is repeatable really repeatable? · Force Field Analysis: Assessing your jungle · Lean Project Management... managing our float time · Comprehending the speak of our environment · Project Mis-steps · The “right stuff” that’s a technical term · Composing the proper “Scope” · Setting the Metrics for Success


New Wave Communication: · Our "Speak" Plans don't look like what our forefathers and mothers used · Sharing the message of Sustainable Success

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