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"Ladies Who Lean"

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

When Lean Practitioners Gail Birks and Yvette Branch decided that they needed to share their version of the impact that Lean Six Sigma has done for their businesses and their clients past and present.

Both ladies agree that the universe of lean has morphed itself into all hallways (and boardrooms) within business and industry. From HR to Finance and Distribution, and even the Marketing industry is becoming an advocate of the world of efficiency and effectiveness. Consultative Sales is integrated with lean methodology and we will share with you some of those strategies.

Fast forward... Ms. Branch and Ms. Birks decided to bring you their lean girlfriend chats now known as "LADIES WHO LEAN." In a recent interview with the ladies, each was asked "why now?" Ms. Branch replied that so many people don't know that this is not a complicated process and that you don't have to be in a manufacturing or technical business to use apply this universe. Ms. Birks also concurred and shared that the world has already embraced this discipline in their way of doing business. This is our opportunity to extend a more layperson's perspective and introduce Lean at "Home" in such a way that it is easy to embrace.

The pre-recorded Podcasts will air weekly throughout Social Media. But the ladies also shared that listeners should look out for periodic live shows. Series topics include...

Finance:· The cost of poor quality vs prevention · Customer ROI · Capturing the right mix with leveling.

The Digital Strategy: Technology in the mix of Things

Human Resources:· Artificial Intelligence can create meaningful dialog for performance improvement · Using accountability scorecards for more than process efficiency · The new paradigm for performance evaluations · The inappropriate Team Selection Process Process Owner Support · To Train or Not To Train… That is the Million Dollar Question

Organizational Transformation: · Weighing the Risk of Status Quo · Exploring the Obvious with Maturity Matrix · Managing Expectations with the CTQ Diagram · Managing Controllables · The Quality and Power of X · Push/Pull of old habits: The changing business paradigms · Engaged Management · Structuring Strategic Deployment · Implementation or Organized Chaos · Agile Enterprise

The Legion of Lean: · Is repeatable really repeatable? · Force Field Analysis: Assessing your jungle · Lean Project Management... managing our float time · Comprehending the speak of our environment · Project Mis-steps · The “right stuff” that’s a technical term · Composing the proper “Scope” · Setting the Metrics for Success

New Wave Communication: · Our "Speak" Plans don't look like what our forefathers and mothers used · Sharing the message of Sustainable Success

For more information, contact Gail Birks at 954-476-3525 or Yvette Branch at 404-964-4480. We look forward to "Talking Out Loud" with you in the near future.

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