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Let's Get Shelf Ready Workshop

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

On Thursday, June 20, 2019, I had the honor to participate as a workshop facilitator for the City of Miramar Business Diversity Office's Think Tank Series. My three sessions surrounded the topic of being shelf ready. Specifically, creating your Company Capability Statement.

This important marketing tool shares included...

_ Your Identifiers (logo and slogans)

_ Background Information

_ Social Media Links

_ Clients/Industries served

_ Commodity Codes

_ Certifications (business and industry)

_ Core Competencies/ Products & Services

_ Differentiators

_ Company/Industry Performance Metrics

_ Contact Information

In each of the 20 minute "speed sessions", we had great dialogue from the participants and lots of AHA Moments.

For more information on how we can get you shelf ready contact Gail Birks Williams at 954-476-3525 or visit us at to get your complimentary capability template.

Let's Talk Out Loud Real Soon!!!!

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