Leadership Series Guides Professionals To SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS!!!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Starting June 4th at 7pm -830pm EST, Gail Birks, President of CMA Enterprise will launch her leadership series, "Leaders Guiding Leaders for Sustainable Success."

The 5 module series will provide a holistic approach to leadership regardless of the level of experience or industry you are in.

Session Topics include...

*The Readiness Matrix (3 sessions)

*Communication Strategies Part 1: Managing Conflict (3 sessions)

*Communication Strategies Part 2: Building Trust (3 sessions)

*Performance Metrics (3 sessions)

*Time and Resource Management (4 sessions)

You are not just sitting in front of your screen, but will have pre- and post-assignments. Your registration fee includes:

-Live Webinar(s)

-Session Workbook(s)

-30 minutes of Coaching for each session purchased

-DiSC Personal Assessment (if applicable)

For more information, Visit Us at https://www.cma-ent.com or contact Gail Birks at 954-476-3525 or info@cma-ent.com.

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