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CMA Podcast

We can now be with you on  DEMAND!!!

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"Takin' It To the Next Level"... An Internet Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals.

We are always focused on improving our processes and performance for you.  Hence, our podcast series is designed to reach those who are not able to experience  CMA directly.  Each show is 30 minutes of practical high impact advice shared by experts in their fields of business.  The short clips give you a sample of what the shows have to offer.  


Take your business to the next level...TODAY!!!!  "Click" the arrows to hear sound bytes from the shows.  

"Ladies Who Lean"

Join us for a conversation on “Leaning for Success” with Gail Birks, EMBA, LMBB and Yvette Branch, LMBB. 


Be the “fly on the internet” as these Ladies Who Lean  talk about opening that door of opportunity and   EXPLORING THE OBVIOUS. 


The ladies will cover it all…Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Transformation, Lean Culture, The Sustainable Digital Strategy,  and NEW WAVE Communication. It is a holistic journey into the Universe of Lean Six Sigma in "everyday speak."  

"She Talkx..."

Well... I finally started decided to record my thoughts and once again came up with a new series.  Yes, "She Talkx..." is an interactive chat that I am having with friends and associates around the world on .... Everything That Matters!!!  

I hope that you decide to join me on this latest safari because I do not know where it will end up, but I am sure having a grand time along the way.  You don't even need to pack your bags to join me on this adventure.  Just bring your willingness to receive the message and join in the ongoing conversation in our "chatbox."

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