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We are always focused on improving our processes and performance for you.  Hence, our podcast series is designed to reach those who are not able to experience  CMA directly.  Each show is 30 minutes of practical high impact advice shared by experts in their fields of business.  The short clips give you a sample of what the shows have to offer.  


Take your business to the next level...TODAY!!!!  "Click" the arrows to hear sound bytes from the shows.  

00:00 / 02:30
An Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Intro show: Presents an overview of the radio series and introduces the Host Gail Birks and her announcer Will Barnes as they begin the Listeners’ Journey to the” Next Level.” An entertaining segment that really starts you believing that “Dreams Do Come True.”

00:00 / 03:14
The Other Side of Business
For those of you who are considering going into business, there is a world of information that you have yet to discover… we will cover the different kinds of business structures to consider, your “players/team – internal and external”, managing people from an entrepreneurial perspective, and networking.
00:00 / 03:52
Business Contracts and Agreements
We provide you with some of the right questions to ask when seeking advice on how to protect yourself using good business sense with a little business law thrown in. Disclaimer: we are not giving out legal advise.
00:00 / 02:59
 Non-Profit Board Governance
We share practical tips on … Attracting staff with the capacity and capability of sustaining the organization…Building an oversight group or Board of Directors/Trustees/ Advisors …Diversifying revenue streams that will give the organization the flexibility to operate without so many restrictions… Building strong partnerships with specific market segments and industries that can generate unrestricted dollars for the group… and most important, MANAGING WITH A MAINSTREAM ATTITUDE.
00:00 / 02:53
Financial Management
Tips from the experts on financial management and managing your profits for the future. Learn the right questions to ask when selecting the professional who prepares your taxes and aids you in sustaining your prosperity journey.
00:00 / 02:38
Marketing with a Cause
Learning how to Get the YES! And the ultimate reward of referrals because of the positive customer experience. Our listeners will build their information boxes with proven tips that seasoned professionals use in targeting their prospects and locking in their existing clients.
00:00 / 02:37
Technology and Entrepreneurship
Our Listeners receive practical strategies and great insight on how to bring the universe into our world through the use of technology. It is straight talk about effective guerilla marketing at the push of a button.
00:00 / 02:23
“Professor G” is in...Open Lines
This segment gives the listeners the opportunity to call in and speak directly with show host Gail Birks about their businesses and/or dreams.
00:00 / 02:53
Other Financial Considerations
A conversation with a Lifestyle Concierge (Coach) about our lifestyle considerations that impact how we manage our finances for the short, intermediate and long term are discussed in this episode
00:00 / 05:15
Health and Wellness for the Entrepreneur
A conversation on how a healthy mind body and spirit helps to create a recipe for success. Learn how to take the attitude that “obstacles are simple achievements that we have not initiated a “Next Level” strategy for… YET!!!
00:00 / 02:38
Corporate and Supplier Diversity
A not so new paradigm: Learn the best practices on building an organization that people want to do business with and/or work for. Valuing Diversity is the wave of the future in terms of doing business.
00:00 / 02:53
Strategic Partnerships
Building partnerships is like building bridges. It is done one brick at a time. Learn the “real deal” about partnerships, the good, the bad and the sometimes very ugly… and how to make them last.
00:00 / 02:53
Building Successful Distribution Networks
Increase your understanding of how to get your product and service to market. Listeners will obtain practical tips on where to get started, what to expect, and how to create that “Big City” Image.
“Takin’ it to the Next Level” – The Entire Series
Enjoy the entire journey to the “Next Level” with all thirteen shows at your fingertips.  

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