Protective Face Masks

We want you to stay safe during the Pandemic, so She Talkx... Fabrik is offering Adult and Children's face masks

SIZES:                                Pricing:

ADULT  -     6" X 9"       $10.00 plus $7.75 shipping and                                                                                 handling

CHILD  -  5" X 7.5"         $7.00 plus $7.75 shipping and                                                                                 handling

Product Specifications. 

All masks are made with 100% woven cotton, 7 inch straps of 1/4" elastic, A sheet of interfacing is placed between all panels for added filtering.

Larger Orders:  Please call 954-476-3525

Allow 2-3 weeks for order fulfillment.  Delays may occur due to material outages as a  result of the pandemic.  We appreciate your patience during this time.

***  Special Order requests will require a separate quote or Clients to provide the fabric desired.

Adult Face Masks (designs will change as supplies as supplies become out of stock)

Price includes shipping and handling  Sales tax may apply based on your state of origin

Children Face Masks (designs will change as supplies as supplies become out of stock)

Back To School/Work

Five Packs - PPEs

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Male Face Masks
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Female FAce Masks
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Adult PPEs are available upon request.

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Putting Fabrik into the Conversation with Usable Art

Since age 11, I have created my own fashions.  And that alter ego has constantly screamed in my ear over the years to let her out.  Well I am proud to finally introduce "SHE TALKX... Fabrik".    

I have used this creative medium to brainstorm solutions for my Consulting and Advisory Company for over 29 years.  And it continues to be my muse.   Now it is time to bring it into the CONVERSATION and "TALK OUT LOUD."

She Talkx...   provides custom  designs for its clients as well as Conversation Accessories.  Specifically, Purses. Each purse is unique and is created from High Quality Scrap Leather.  the handles and/or clasps are Driftwood.  The purses range in size from 6"x10" to 15"x22.

Colors are based on availability and delivery is within 30-45 days.  Remember, these are custom accessories.  You can get any of the designs in small, medium, large.   X-large is considered a special order.

Small          6"x9"                            50.00 - 85.00  + shipping and handling

Medium     9"x12"-14"                  95.00 - 125.00  + shipping and handling

Large          10"-13" x 15"-17"      195.00 - 225.00 + shipping and handling

X-Large      12-"15"x 19" - 22"      Request a Quote  + shipping and handling

Special Orders                               Request a Quote  + shipping and handling

*Shipping and Handling for International orders will require a quote.


Styles may vary based on the shapes of the scrap leather materials.


Meet the Gurlz

(All Purses are Custom Made to Order)

For More Information, Contact Gail Birks Williams, Chief Inspiration Officer