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Takin' It To The Next Level... A Radio Show for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"Takin' It To the Next Level"... An Internet Radio Show for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

We are always focused on improving our processes and performance. Hence, our radio show is designed to reach those who are not able to experience the CMA Leadership directly. Enjoy the sound bytes that we wanted to share with you and build your virtual library so that you too can "TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL." Each show is 30 minutes of practical high impact advice shared by experts in their fields of business. The 2 minute clips give you a sample of what the respective shows have to offer.

Enjoy the following shows... Show 1: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship Show 2: The Other Side of Business Show 3: Business and Agreements Show 4: Non-Profit Board Governance Show 5: Financial Management Show 6: Marketing with a Cause Show 7: Technology and Entrepreneurship Show 8: Professor G is in ... Open Lines Show 9: Other Financial Considerations Show 10: Health & Wellness for Entrepreneurs Show 11: Corporate and Supplier Diversity Show 12: Strategic Partnerships Show 13: Building Successful Distribution Networks

All shows are pre-recorded and available in MP3 or MP4 format.

Samples of the entire series of 30 minute segments or individually are available at .

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