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CMA hosts "How to Lead for Sustainable Success" Webinar (an overview)

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

On September 23rd, we hosted 7-10 guests for a 1 hour presentation of our "Leaders Guiding Leaders for Sustainable Success" Series. It turned out to be a teaching moment for all and has generated some excitement about the unwritten rules of engagement when it comes to Leadership in this unpredictable world in which we live.

On behalf of the CMA Team, I would like to personally extend to you an invitation to listen in on the conversation with Gail Birks, President/CEO and Chief Concierge of CMA Enterprise Incorporated as she takes you on this tour of "LEADERS GUIDING LEADERS FOR SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS", A 5 Step Journey in Leadership.

For more information on how to register for the series or individual modules, contact Ms. Birks at 954-476-3525 or

Enjoy the Event.

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