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3 Steps to Creating Your Roadmap for Sustainable Success

Gail Birks, President/CEO CMA Enterprise Incorporated

July 14, 2021

I have always believed that growing personally and in my profession happens because I expand my mind through professional development. Hence, I decided that we would take on the challenge and offer you an easy way to become the Designer of your own Super Highway. Your personal copy of the 3 step roadmap is available to your for download. And it is FREE!!!

Download PDF • 1.19MB

The outline above is our gift to you and brings a clear guide to developing your own three step Talent Development Map. And goes along with the short video that is below.

The steps are easy...

Step One: Ask yourself...How important is your success? How can I refresh and sustain it? What skills do you need to acquire?

Step Two: What is the minimum investment that I am willing to make to start off my quest for increased Marketability?

Step Three: Are you ready to commit the time and/or investment in yourself to achieve the Success Levels that you desire?

We have created a virtual library for you to enjoy either via subscription or on demand. Course investments can be as little as $50.00. To learn more about the resources available through our Ala Carte Services, click on . If you would like to enjoy a recurring use of the course service that make up our library, live events chat rooms and a few other surprises available to you, register for our RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM and click on

Let's Talk Out Loud Real Soon!!! I am available to chat with you at 954-476-3525.

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