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Our e-books are designed to provide you with a virtual conversation with the CMA Consultants.  And because we believe that the world is getting smaller, we wanted to make sure that our excursions reached beyond the boundaries of where we live.  Enjoy !!! This food for thought will definitely stay with you for a long time.

Las ganancias vienen cuando los soñadores actúan
 Una guía exhaustiva para    profesionales y empresarios que  buscan resultados

"...No importa si usted es un empresario o si trabaja como agente de ventas de una organización, Las ganancias vienen cuando los soñadores actúan tiene algo para todos.


Podrá encontrar ideas, confirmar estrategias o añadir elementos a los criterios facilitados para cerrar una venta."


Este libro es una obra de ficción. Los lugares, hechos y situaciones que figuran en este relato son puramente ficticios. Cualquier parecido con personas reales, vivas o muertas, es coincidencia.



Our Latest Literary project will soon be available in E-Book Format.  FINDING MY VOICE... READY, SET... AWESOMENESS!!!   is the continuation of 'Platinum Isms".  Only this time, we give you the opportunity to share with us.  And while it was written for the ladies, guys, there is something there for you as well.


A Marketing Workbook for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

"... Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for an organization in a sales capacity, When Dreamers Do It... The Profits COME will has something for everyone that sparks an idea, confirms a strategy or adds to an approach being facilitated to close a sale.


If you are new to sales or entrepreneurship, it might just give you the start needed to strive for that brass ring previously thought to be unreachable in your marketing activities."


A comprehensive guide for results oriented professionals and entrepreneurs

Platinum "Isms"
A sharing of the moments that awakened my profound Universe
A book for everyone on a life walk.  Enjoy!!!  There is surely a page that will speak directly to you.

Forward by Simon T. Bailey, author of Release Your Brilliance


"In the preface of this book of 'Isms," author Gail Birks writes that she merely wants to share some of the ideas and principles that shaped her.  But this delightful collections of quotes and asides, beautifully and movingly illustrated by George Gadson, does much more.  As a poetic ode to joy- the joy of living life to the very fullest- it causes us to smile at the same time that it causes us to consider the gyroscope and the direction of our own lives.  With dexterous simplicity, Gail takes us on a pleasant journey at the end of which we find that something deep within us perhaps our deepest longing as human beings, has been stirred to life once again.  And once again we find ourselves at a beginning."

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