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The Readiness Factor Hosted by Gail Birks
Guest: Elaine Birks-Mitchell, The Bra Recyclers, Inc

Don't miss this chance to learn from a leader who combines passion with purpose, making essential items accessible while championing sustainability and providing opportunities for the underserved.

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In March, Gail Birks of CMA Enterprise Incorporated welcomed Elaine Birks-Mitchell, the CEO and Founder of The Bra Recyclers. Elaine is a champion of the circular economy, dedicating 15 years to recycling bras and combating hygiene poverty. She has transformed over four million bras into valuable resources for people in need, across 29 states and 8 countries. Elaine's work aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, emphasizing the environmental and social impacts of recycling.

Key Highlights:

  • Elaine's journey in founding The Bra Recyclers and her passion for sustainability.

  • The significant impact of recycling bras on communities and the environment.

  • The launch of The Undie Chest and efforts to address hygiene poverty.

Elaine Birks-Mitchell is not only a successful social entrepreneur but also an advocate for community service and environmental stewardship, recognized with numerous awards for her contributions.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and making a difference through innovative business models.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation!

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