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Ready to transform your strategic planning skills? Join us for 'Strategic Expeditions:
A Mapping Process for
Sustainable Success'
on June 19-20.

This comprehensive event will equip you with essential strategies and insights for mastering business implementation. Secure your spot today!

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Founder & Chief Solutionist

about cma

CMA Enterprise Incorporated es una firma de consultoría boutique establecida en 1990 y con sede en Davie, Florida.


Nos especializamos en:


  • Consultoría de rendimiento y mejora de procesos

  • Capacitación de la fuerza laboral (presencial y en línea)

  • Servicios de Asesoramiento y Coaching

  • Licencias de productos

CMA puede brindar servicios a empresas e industrias a nivel local, regional, nacional y mundial.

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Soluciones cma

From Conflict Resolution to Diversity and Inclusion building sustainable success models or performance or leaning your operations, the CMA Team will be there by your side to make sure that you reach the finish line successfully.

Consulting & Advisory Services

Executive & Professional Coaching

Workforce Development
(All Levels)

Affiliate Product Licensing Programs

Lean Six Sigma Certifications

(Courses and Project Coaching)

Próximos Eventos

Recent Events

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Podcast de Ella Habla

Be that "GO TO" Expert for your Clients as you become the RESIDENT SPECIALIST or TEAM. 

                                                          Let's Talk Out Loud Real Soon.

Project Teams

CPI Leadership

Independent Practitioners

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