Integrating Lean Six Sigma into the Performance Evaluation Process

We now have several generations in our workplace which means that each has expectations that differ from their "ancestors."  With that said, employers now need to be more engaging with their Associates/Partners (notice I did not say employees) in the new dialogue of professional development.  We encourage you to take a "SAFARI" approach to your assessments going forward. That means that you are the tour guide, and your Associate/Partner is a member of the tour group.  

Keep in mind though, that sometimes those roles will reverse and members of the tour group will want to educate you on occasion... this is what makes it an interactive dialogue.


Recently, I spoke as the keynote for the Broward County Chapter of SHRM.  Participants engaged me on topics that included... "Who is in your Jungle", Coaching the various level of  'stars', Building Consensus, Understanding your style of management, the Cast of Characters,   Lean Six  Sigma tools used for performance goal setting.  Here is an excerpt of what was shared during my session with approximately 40+ HR professionals.


Facilitating sustainable peak performance has changed dramatically since I first entered the workforce some time ago.  Associates are not shy about telling their employers what their expectations are when it comes to personal/professional development.  Hence, more and more the performance evaluation has become a dialogue and proves to be mutually beneficial (enlightening) to all parties involved in the discussion (Associates and Employer).  Like a Safari, you don't necessarily know what will "jump" out of the brush, so I wanted to share some of the tools that will keep everyone protected along the way... just in case.  It also helps to have work papers on the session.  


Performance Evaluations, which seem to be the least liked activity for management and Associates, is like going on an empowerment safari if done properly everyone benefits, and you as the guide will be satisfied with your discoveries and also a happy internal customer.  And your Associate will feel that you are sincerely engaged. But if mis-managed, the repercussions can be a major detour to all involved.  


The foundation question for you, the "safari guide" is... "Are we being realistic in our expectations?"  As you categorize your mutual expectations, a lean tool for this purpose is below. 


You also need to "begin with the end in mind"  (Steven Covey).  Using the Parameter Diagram (P-Diagram) to understand what goes into achieving the desires/goals identified for peak performance.  For this conversation, all parties on "Safari" will use the lean tool that looks like this to discover what goes into the preparation for the transformation, the "noise" and "controllable " factors encountered along the journey and what the end goal(s) is/are to be.  



Because you want to have a game plan established once your session concludes, the dialogue now enters into negotiating how together you will measure success of the expectations and goals.  The lean tool used is called the Critical To Quality or CTQ Diagram.  As the example below shows, all parties have an opportunity to quantify realistic measurements for sustainable success.




These now become your work papers when revisiting the goals established in the initial session where the metrics are crafted.  Future "safaris" should use this as a cross reference of progress (or lack of).

These tools while typically known for their presence in more technical surroundings and projects, now reveal themselves to be transferable to any business environment and situation.  

Let's Talk Out Loud Real Soon...

For more information, visit us at or contact Gail Birks Williams at 954-476-3525.


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