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 Based on our extensive experience, we tend to follow a loose,  yet structured path when coaching our clients.  The diagram below provides some insight into our procedures.  Each Coaching Assignment is customized to the assessment responses and thus tailored to focus on the areas of improvement needed while sustaining those that are in alignment.

Our Starting Point is to understand the universe in which you exist...  We ask questions like .Is your Macro and Micro in alignment or not?  What is causing the awkward shift and impacting performance results, reputation or growth?












Competency Development


In partnership with the Client, the CMA Team of Coaches will seek to build the following capacity and capabilities in the Leader Participants This is achieved through online personal assessments that the Participants will be asked to complete prior to the actual coaching sessions beginning.  The results help us to tailor the conversation we have with you in the Coaching sessions and assess the following competency areas.


•Leadership Style and Culture

•Employee Motivation / Empowerment


•Personal Accountability

•Sensitivity Skills

•Performance Management

•Employee Development  

Succession Planning Advisory Services


Being able to minimize the disruption that is caused when Key Personnel leave is a critical path that is often times overlooked when the need to plan for the inevitable... THE DEPARTURE OR ASSIGNMENT SHIFT IN  LEADERSHIP. The question is not “"IF" but WHEN” will it occur.  And when it does, are your vulnerabilities revealed.

The CMA Team guides you in developing and managing your succession plan processes using the following strategies….

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"We truly enjoyed working with CMA Enterprise.  Gail Birks is relational in her approach and easily established trusting relationships with the stakeholders in this project.  She exhibited flexibility in the process and a commitment to the work.  She draws upon her vast experience to inform the work which makes it very interesting and impactful.  She does her homework and is extremely knowledgeable about our community, both its services and partners."

~Director - Human Services

City of Hallandale Beach

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We combine the COACHING AND ADVISORY SERVICES as an integral part of these engagements.  Most important, we look at the impact on the organization and candidate when it comes to that right fit for your SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS.

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