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Public Speaking and Workshops

Practitioner's Excellence Academy

Whether you're an internal trainer/consultant or an independent practitioner, we want you to have the RIGHT TOOLS in your TOOLBOX.   We help you to build your business case for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS SOLUTIONS by showing you how to build your own.  It is a “HOW TO” EXCURSION and shows you the UNWRITTEN RULES OF THE GAME OF CONSULTING AND TRAINING. 


Make it Your Business to Know

The Business!!!


Academy content includes…

  • Marketing and Niche Branding

  • Understanding how to price your self

  • Creating a Big City Image

  • Developing Sustainable Products and Services

  • Understanding the Risks of Being the Boss

  • Backroom Operations and Your Team

  • Winning the Customer again and again

  • Finding the Customers

  • Learning how to "time" your presentations

  • Create Innovative Training Modules

  • Strategies to Craft Sustainable Solutions for your Clients


Coaching services are also available.


Boot camps are 4 days (or equivalency if conducted virtually).



Pricing varies based on package selected.  For more information, Let’s Talk Out Loud, call us at 954-476-3525. 

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We do take our message to the streets.  Our Chief Efficiency Diva, Gail Birks is a keynote and workshop facilitator.  Our sessions are designed to create AHA Moments as well as build your confidence and capacity so that your star can rise.  

Sessions bookings are through our Parent Company, CMA Enterprise Incorporated.  Let's Talk Out Loud Real Soon at 954-476-3525.

"Changing the Paradigm for Sustainable Peak Performance"

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