CMA Launches a Recurring Subscription Plan for its Content Library

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CMA is excited to share that it has launched its newest division, Recurring Subscription Content Plans. CMA Executive and Founder, Gail Birks in a recent interview shared her excitement on this ground breaking event for the firm.

CMA Chat: What is the Recurring Content Subscription Plan?

Ms. Birks: The Plans that we are introducing are comprised of 6 subscriptions that provide our clients with the opportunity to create their own learning excursions. Specifically, Chat rooms, Self-Directed, Live Webinars, Blended Learning, and even one on one coaching, for example. We are also giving clients the flexibility to grow based on their budgets. Plans range from $25.00 to $999.00 a month. this has really been a dream come true for the firm because now we can reach so many more people and make the desired impact that the firm was established for in 1990. In essence, it is a great birthday present for our 30th year in business.

CMA Chat: How long do the subscriptions last?

Ms. Birks: The Subscriptions are active until our Subscriber cancels them.

CMA Chat: What kind of Content will be available and will it be updated?

Ms. Birks: The CMA Content Library will be available to Subscribers in a variety of ways... Mini-Excursions (30 minutes to 1 hour sessions), Ala Carte Excursions (minimum of 1.5 hours to 8 hour equivalency). The latter are full modules, with recorded narrations. We wanted to provide an experience that felt like you are in the classroom with us. Topics include: Process and Performance Improvement, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, for example.

CMA Chat: What will differentiate your programs compared to others on the market?

Ms. Birks: Subscribers will benefit from Continuing Education Credits attached to the participating subscription course content. This means that continuing education now takes on a new meaning for those who are seeking to raise their personal ROI and marketability

with CMA in a support role to their talent development.

CMA Chat: Where can potential Subscribers access more information on the Recurring Content Subscription Plan?

Ms. Birks: For more information on the CMA Recurring Content Subscription Plans, visit or email us at

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