Entrepreneurial Excellence Academy

Build it right and the people will come... again and again and again.  Our Academies for Entrepreneurship Excellence give you the much needed tools to be successful.  In this universe, we also share the "unwritten rules of the game."  Our Entrepreneurs receive a customized toolbox that contains worksheets and templates designed to assist in the following...

  • Understanding the realities of being an Entrepreneur

    • Financial Management (Personal and Business)

    • Bids, Agreements, etc.

    • Marketing with a Cause

    • Personnel and Management Styles

    • Strategic Product and Service Development

    • Using Technology for Sustainable Success

    • Managing Customer Demand

    • Time and Resource Management

    • Establishing Financial Metrics

    • Negotiating the YES!!!

Build your Capability Statement

One of the first steps in building your value proposition is to showcase your Capability Statement.   Make it memorable!!! 

City of Miramar "Think Tank" Workshop

June, 2019

If you would like assistance in development your Value Proposition called the  COMPANY CAPABILITY STATEMENT, click below to get started.  Our fee includes the review of your thoughts as well as a re-usable template that can be updated as needed.

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