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Our team has taken great care to make sure that you can access us anywhere, anytime and any place.  In keeping with the ever-changing client tastebuds, we offer our media products range from live interactive webinars to archived radio shows to self-directed sessions and audio/visual formats.  You can download and enjoy the excursions at your leisure.

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CMA Radio is a 13 series showcase targeting young and emerging entrepreneurs who just need a little push into this world of Business and Industry.

online radio show
webinar classes

CMA Webinars  are your mini-excursions for Professionals on the GO!!!  Check out our combo packages.  

CMA Bookstore is our way of letting you into our thoughts of how we focus on sustainable success.  Join us for a "THOUGHT SESSION" REAL SOON.


CMA Product Licensing Program ... because we do understand the time and resource commitment it takes to develop programs for your workforce.  Especially when you are busy being busy.  CMA is here as your Curriculum Partner.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS AND KEYNOTES... Our Founder, Gail Birks is a featured Workshop Facilitator and Panelist, Moderator and keynote speaker.  She has been invited to speak at women's industry groups, leadership conferences, corporate and government retreats, 

She has developed a reputation for being engaging while bringing edu-tainment to her audiences.  Common feedback is that not only does she keep it real, but brings humor to her messages that keeps her audiences hooked.

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