Advisory  Services

​Our Advisory Services are designed for performance improvement in your most precious assets at all levels through our virtual or  face to face Coaching or in a group doing Professional Development.  We customize our sessions with you to meet you where you are.

Diversity and Inclusion Technical Assistance

Regardless of what the reason(s) for your diversity and inclusion initiatives, it always comes back to the micro (customer) and macro (organization) bottom line however it is defined.  Most important, is our UNCONSCIOUS BIAS impacting our ability to be our best again and again.  


We learn the key drivers in pre-session investigations and through a comprehensive review of what you are doing to track and monitor inclusion currently.


Once that is done, we execute the plan through training, one on one coaching and/or technical assistance in monitoring your transformation metrics. 

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Coaching and One on One Sessions

When you need us to facilitate a one on one session, our subject matter experts are able to coach your candidates through anything that applies to attaining their personal and professional goals, conflict resolution and strategic positioning.  The length of coaching sessions are contingent upon the budgetary constraints and the case requirements outlined in the developmental DiSC assessment(s).   All scheduling is negotiated and mutually agreed upon by Client and our Coaches. Sessions conducted may be facilitated virtually or in person as deemed appropriate.


Services include...

  • Conducting Developmental Needs Evaluation

  • Customizing Personal Development Plans

  • Coaching candidates/staff based on the individual or group cultural findings

  • Evaluating Progress (Personal/Organization)

  • Conducting Employee Relations (Conflict Resolution) intervention

  • Corrective Action Plans

DiSC - Our Personal and Organization Assessment Tools

DiSC Assessments have enhanced the results of our Executive and Coaching Engagements because it give you the opportunity to tell us who you really are and what you would like to accomplish.  The various assessment categories for Transformation Topics include...

  •  Leadership Development,                              

  • Train the Trainer,

  • Management and Supervisory Roles,

  • Sales and Marketing,

  • 363 Degrees Coaching,

  • Customer Services,

  • Stress Management,

  • Diversity and Inclusion,

  • Effective Listening,

  • Team Dynamics,

  • Time Management,

  • Managing Expectations, 

  • Conflict Resolution

Our offerings using DiSC Assessments have been IMPACTFUL to your universe.  We provide...

  • Train the Facilitator

  • Coaching 

  • Online Sessions

  • Live Workshops

  • Managing Project Team Dynamics

  • Internal Master Accounts

Dispute Resolution

CMA Mediators facilitate proactive problem solving, the building of common ground and bringing clarity and narrowing the communication gaps between the disputing  parties.


Our associates are trained  by the State of Florida Supreme Court. We also pride ourselves on being able to bring extensive professional and educational experience to our resolution participants, which allows us to bring depth to our mediation and grievance engagements with successful results.

Curriculum Design and Facilitation Excursions

Every curriculum is designed specifically with your desired outcome in mind.   Our curriculum content team researches and designs the experiences that we facilitate to ensure that you can apply the concepts immediately... regardless of the subject matter. 


And because we take the time to ensure your experience is what you intended.  Our sessions range from 90 minutes to multiple day sessions.

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